Petra of Lesvos

It is located at the northwest tip of the island very close to Molyvos. A lush green valley surrounds the village with the awesome long beach. However, its main attraction being its 40-metre high rock on top of which the Church of the Virgin is built.

If you want to go up to the church, you have to climb up 114 carved stone steps. But once you get there, you will be rewarded by an astonishing, breathtaking view. St Nicolas Church is also worth the visit.

The village swarms with old mansions dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries, beautiful gardens etc. The Vareltzidena residence very close to the central square is quite interesting. It is a mansion which has been recently restored and is deemed unique in its kind thanks to its interior design and awesome wall paintings. (Tel: 22530-41510)

Petra has a highly developed tourism. A wide range of hotels, rooms, guesthouses, restaurants, cafés and bars make it a lively place without however spoiling its beauty nor spoiling its traditional character.

Petra boasts a wonderful sandy beach well equipped with sunshades, sun loungers, beach service and sea sports. Just opposite Petra you can see four islets (Ai Giorgis, Mikro Nisi, Glaronisi and Mirmingi) which have been declared protected wildlife bird zones serving at the same time as bird observatories. Within shouting distance from Petra lies Petri, a village surrounded by chestnut trees and tall rows of poplars.

The view is majestic. Here you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island; the sun glows red as it sinks slowly below the horizon. Moreover the village boasts a fountain known as the “Achilles’ Fountain”.

Following tradition Achilles moored his ship to this rock during the Trojan War and drank some water from the fountain.

In case you long for some more idyllic scenery, you can visit other nearby picturesque villages such as Lafionas, Skoutaros, Stipsi and Ipsilometopo.

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